OMNI is a project that started in November 2018 with the assignment to find a solution to a problem for a certain target group. The target group we focussed on were visually impaired people. Our goal was to make a reaction game which does not involve sight, since there is no game like that yet.


With OMNI the visually impaired are now involved in the world of reaction games. They are now able to play with their family and friends. Without any unfair disadvantages, exclusion or adaptations.


In this game, players need to fight a crime. The criminals are on the loose and can only be defeated by completing three different game modes.


1) Try to catch as many criminals as possible in 30 seconds. Feel all the cups, find the vibrating ones and flip them to catch the criminals.

2) After that you need to find the bomb. All the cups are vibrating in this game mode. However, there is only one which vibrates the most. Find it and flip it!

3) The bomb has been found and needs to be defused.The cups are vibrating one by one and need to be flipped. However, if it takes too long, more cups will start vibrating. If one cup is vibrating for more than three seconds, the game is over.